Kobe repped the USA so hard 🇺🇸🔥#USA Who's Better Kobe or Jordan? Comment below👇 -
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Kobe repped the USA so hard 🇺🇸🔥#USA 


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  2. @burnt__spammzz fuck Off. Jordan doesn't have the most missed shots and has like 12 scoring title, Kobe has 2. Idek like Jordan but don't be fucking stupid

  3. Nigga didn’t I just say let’s not look at accolades ducking dumb ass🤦🏿‍♀️ we’re talking about the better player bitch... so stfu cuz Kobe is the muthafuckin goat btch @hcole.23

  4. @burnt__spammzz yeah stfu, go watch Jordan play then if you don't wanna go by "accolades" fucking pussy. I bet you just got done watching "Kobe highlights" then claims he's the goat

  5. 🙄 @hcole.23 bitch I’ve been watching Kobe since I was a child lil bitch ass nigga... u haven’t even seen Jordan play witcho lil hoe ass, looking up Jordan game winners on YouTube headass... stfu and get outta here nigga, u don’t know basketball, u google everything nigga💀 gtfo

  6. @burnt__spammzz are you that autistic that you almost copy exactly what I said about you looking up. Fuck off I don't give a fuck about Jordan or watch every fucking game he played in I have watched enough to realize he's better than Jordan you dumb bitch. Oh yeah I'd tell someone that they didn't know anything about basketball after I made a dumbass statement and have no facts to back it up. I don't google shit you dumb pussy. Foh weak ass hoe

  7. @hcole.23 U R A FUCKING DYKE ASS BITCH, and you pretty much just took my side cuz u said “I have watched enough to realize that he’s better Jordan you dumb bitch.” So I don’t have to argue with somebody that knows nothing about the game of basketball... Cuz yo lil hoe ass googles everything, idc if u say u don’t, cuz u do, bitch. Don’t reply back cuz I can go on for days nigga🤷🏿‍♀️ point proven, case closed🙅🏿 if u still wanna talk shit 1v1 me irl bitch... if u ain’t down stfu and stay off these pages nigga, simple.

  8. I like Kobe more, but MJ is the GOAT

  9. Lebron better then both them guys

  10. @petercannon23 nah Lebron sucks compared to them

  11. Songggggg???

  12. @burnt__spammzz so people can't have opinion now?

  13. @burnt__spammzz I'd 1v1 and beat the goofy out yo ass. Case closed. Pussy ass bitch

  14. Casual ass fans.... Smh Kobe not top 10, hate to break it to ya

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